Call deposits, for deposits placed on call i.e., withdrawable immediately.

Cheque book

No cheque book will be issued in call deposit account/s. Withdrawals from the account can be made in person at our counters or through originally signed instructions sent to us.


Interest is payable on credit balances in the account at our Call Deposit Rate. Changes to our Call Deposit Rate will be posted on our website from time to time. Interest on the credit balances will be calculated and paid on half yearly basis on daily clear balances. Overdrafts are not permitted in Call Deposit accounts.

Withdrawal Notice
Withdrawal notice of one working day would be required before the transaction is effected.
Uncleared cheques
Withdrawals from the account against uncleared cheques will attract interest even though your statement may show that your account has remained in credit. The rate of interest is currently 7% over the Bank of England’s Base Rate/Reference Rate.

The General Terms and Conditions set out the permitted transactions on the account. Statement of accounts will be sent to you at quarterly intervals, unless otherwise instructed.
The provisions in the General Terms and Conditions in relation to cancellation apply to Call Deposit Accounts.